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The Busy Mother Toy Dilemma

Well…….let me just tell you, even though the kids can be amazing and be so well behaved on thing that will always stress me out it that the toys will never stop coming out!!!! Yesterday was a great day with the kids, but it looked like my house THREW UP! I know this is a stressor for other mom’s so I wanted to give my 2 sense about this situation.

First of all until recently, I would pick up the toys AT LEAST 5-6 times a day maybe more. This added more stress to already being a Busy Mother with other things like laundry, dishes, etc. Don’t ask me why I picked up so many time, because I knew they would all come back out, but it felt good to have a clean house for 5 minutes. Since then (esp. because I have baby #3 almost here) I’ve learned that I have to let the toys be!! I know this is a hard thing to do but honestly… it really going to matter (unless you’re expecting company) if the toys lay around til bed time? That what you have to ask yourself.

Just for some organizational help I’m going to post a pic of how I organize and it also lets the kids help when it’s clean up time!

So here it is…..wait for the kids to go to bed before you clean up!! If you have a older child (my oldest is 4) then you really need to have them help. I know sometimes it’s a pain for me to have him help because he will get distracted and want to play, or put toys where I don’t want them, but it really is a great things because it teaches them responsibility and it does take less time for you!!

Something I do to help the kids is I got a wooden organizer from a shop baby and kid furniture and got the little cloth bins to go in there (they have these in a plastic kids version but I found there isn’t as much room, and these look better in the houseJ) I don’t have each bin labeled because the kids do know what goes where now, but you can label them at first if you’d like. I did this because it was an affordable alternative for me to keep things more in order!!

If anyone else has any other organizational ideas for clean up or storing toys, please post. I know I would love to hear about it and I know other readers would too!!

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