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The Busy Mother Self Esteem

The Busy Mother self esteem

As a busy mother, do you feel your self image slipping away?? I know this is the case for me and just recently I have learned how to lift my spirits and feel better about myself.
First thing that you have to know if MOST the pictures you see of women and their body’s are NOT real. The women on the covers of the magazines are edited and airbrushed!! Even people you may be seeing online can edit their photos to make it look better. I want you to get these images OUT of your head. You were built differently and you may not have the same shape or figure as someone else. The only person you need to compare yourself to is you!! Strive to be better then you were the day before. Only weigh once a week, and make SURE you take measurements because the scale may not be the best indicator.
Talk to yourself positively. Tell yourself you’re worth it, you’re beautiful and you WILL reach the goals you have set for yourself. If you feel yourself struggling with this, reach out to me and we can work together and I will believe in you and coach you to be your best so you can see how great you really are! We were all put here for a reason and you are all special in your own way. None of us are perfect. Even the people you see that you may envy or wish you looked like…they struggle too. They wish they could fix something about themselves, we all do it. Own your strengths and work on your weaknesses, we all have them…..if we didn’t there would be nothing to strive for!
Think positive, work hard, and know you are beautiful!! You are YOU, own that and be proud! Now let’s get fired up and get started on the goals and dreams you have for yourself! Who’s with me??

Please comment below about you’re struggle, your goals, anything you’d like!

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