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P90X Complete, Insanity Next!

As the 90 days comes to an end I have made some wonderful progress. I was able to shed 27 lbs. and I there is a visible difference in my body. I feel much stronger and have had increases in reps or weight all along the journey through P90X. When I first started Yoga it was one of the workouts I didn’t care for much. I seemed to get better at it every week. For some strange reason I started to like Yoga. Tony says at the beginning of the DVD that he can do all these things at his age because of Yoga. I now see the benefits. Plyometrics brought me much pain and caused me to take breaks to catch my breath at the start of the program. Now I am able to move through the whole workout and push harder instead of looking for modifications to keep up. If you are on the fence about P90X, I am here to tell you the program works if you are looking to lose weight, tone up and get stronger. I plan to come back to P90X sometime in the future. I love the layout of the program and Tony Horton keeps me motivated for more.

I will keep pushing play. My next beating will come from the program Insanity. It’s a 60 day program and nutrition guild from the good people at Beachbody and the trainer Shaun T. I have heard a lot of good things about Insanity but it usually starts with the phrase “it’s tough”. I can’t wait to see what all the hype it about. I have read through the Elite Nutrition guild and prepared for my first week. I will report back as the beatings continue.

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  1. I loved Insanity! When I finished, I was in the most incredible shape of my life! But, I missed throwing weights around, too. I’m back to P90X again and love it, but now I miss the hard core cardio! Time for a hybrid?

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