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Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms – Part 1

Today I want to start off with one of the most important things you can do for yourself as a mom and that is – MAKE A CALENDAR. For so long I didn’t do this because I really didn’t think it would help……but it’s made all the difference for me. I schedule in my work time, and also time with my kids. I use Google Calendar so the alerts come up on my phone and I know that if I’m don’t blogging at 11:00, then I stop where I am (no matter if I’m not finished) and walk away from the computer and I go on the my next thing. I schedule in time for my kids because I don’t want to lose that time and I don’t want it to be interrupted. It seems weird to schedule time for your kids, but ask yourself… often are you playing with the kids and you get distracted or go do something else or tell them you’ll play with them but get caught up in something??? I know I did that all the time! Now, with the help of my calendar I don’t let anything distract me for that time with the kids because it’s in my schedule!

 Online jobs for stay at home momsLet me know if you need help making a schedule, I will help you. Look forward to my next blog!

Also, feel free to reach out if you are interested in working from home and training with me.

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