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One Month of Insanity

Month one of Insanity is over and what a month it was. I went from P90X right into Insanity after taking a week off to recover a little and recharge the batteries. I lost weight doing P90X and I feel I got awesome results. I am glad I did P90X first because I quickly realized Insanity is no joke. I think the best way I know to describe it is Insanity is Plyometrics from P90X times two for most of the workout week. Insanity will push your cardiovascular fitness every workout except the recovery days. Insanity reminds me of football drills from back in the day, but they are done over and over with short breaks until the end of the workout. Good news is the first month’s workouts are short usually lasting 35 to 45 minutes. I do miss the weight lifting from P90X and plan to go to some kind of P90X hybrid once I am done with Insanity. I am getting into great shape and my body is changing every week. I am excited to see where I am at the end of the program. If you feel you are in pretty decent shape and want to be challenged, Insanity is for you. From the words of Shaun T. “Dig Deeper!”

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  1. Dig Deeper is Right! I am doing Insanity now and it is Great but for sure a Challenge! Can’t wait to see the results…

  2. Starting Insanity on Monday – looking forward to it – will probably work in some upper body strength training just to keep my gains from P90X – great programs that produce results – glad I am a part of this great company!

  3. Insanity is one of the most effective cardio conditioning programs I have ever seen! When I finished, I had incredible endurance, so I went and ran a half marathon! It’s the real deal!

  4. I completed the first month about 3½ weeks ago and started running. Since then I’ve had so much going on in the evening, I haven’t been able to move on to month 2 yet. Can’t wait to dig deeper, though, and really push myself beyond the limits!

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