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Lifestyle Change

What have I done to improve my fitness? To start with I started a program that so many others have had success called P90X. The next thing I changed and most important was my diet. Diet is sometime so many people struggle with and with all the large food companies stuffing advertising down your face, it is even more confusing. I don’t claim to know all the answers but I can tell you what is working for me.

Diet is one of those four letter words. What I started was not a diet but a lifestyle change. I looked at my food intake and looked at what I was doing wrong. Oh, what a long list! I have touched on some of those in my previous posts. I have heard Tony Horton say it and even read it in the nutrition guide, but my food needed to consist of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. For me lean proteins have been chicken breast, ground turkey and fish. I have had a steak or two but they have been lean cuts and not the huge plate size steaks I was used to. I eat lots of vegetables ranging from lettuce to avocado. I include fruit in my morning shake, snacks and sometimes for dessert. Whole grains and I have had a on and off relationship. I don’t eat much bread and since my lifestyle change haven’t had much pasta. It does slip into diet from time to time.

One of the best things that has come out of all this is my battle with Diet Coke addiction. I had started the program but was still drinking the stuff. I have known forever it was not all that good for me but just could’t stay away. Once I started eating better and seeing results I felt like the diet soda was hurting my efforts. I did some reading and talked with others about it’s effects on the body and decided it was time to stop. I was afraid of the headaches from caffeine withdrawal but it was minor compared to earlier efforts to stop. I feel much better and proud we are saving that money I was blowing on soda.

The morning shake is one of the biggest boost to my health I have all day. I absolutely love this stuff. Beachbody has put together this meal replacement, wellness shake that taste great. I start my day with one scoop of Shakeology, one cup of skim milk or water, one banana and a cup to a cup and a half of ice blended up to perfection. Believe me, at first I was on the fence about the stuff, once I had been using it for a while I noticed some huge changes in the way I felt, my digestion and over all appetite. You can learn more about Shakeology at One thing that hit home to me about Shakeology was what doctors that have tried it where saying.

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