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Life of the Busy Mother – The Real Truth

Life of the Busy Mother

Man o man, this weekend was crazyyyy. We all had a week off
and the house looked like it had been hit by a tornado! Everything needed done,
bathrooms, floors, laundry, dusting, moping; I could go on and on. It seems
like every time I turned around there was another mess, even if I had just
picked one up!!!! This gets me soooo stressed out! I know it shouldn’t right,
we didn’t have anyone coming over, it’s just me and the family seeing this….but
I couldn’t even sit on the couch and relax knowing what my house looked like.
So off I went, taking the bull by the horns. 3 hours later I made a little dent
in things, but then I realized it was bed time. I had missed out on 3 hours
with my kids because I was CLEANING!!!! I realized right then I needed a
system. I need to break it up so I’m spending 30-45 min a few times a week,
instead of so long one day. Laundry needs to be one day, bathrooms, floors,

For the longest time I felt so alone, like I was the only
one who has a messy house, filthy car, piles and piles of laundry. I just know I’m
the only one who loses her temper and screams and yells at the kids it feels
like ALL THE TIME. Then I realized, no, it isn’t just me….I am NOT alone. That’s
what’s inspired me to blog about the busy mom. I want other mom’s to be
able to come here and read about things I go thought and know you’re not alone,
and you’re VERY normal. I also want it to be a place where other moms can post
comments about ideas or just to vent themselves.

So here’s to the raw truth mommy blog! Hope you enjoy

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