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Life of a Busy Mother

Busy MotherI want to start blogging more regularly about my journey being a third time mom. I know things can get stressful and extremely crazy, so I want to share my journey and hopefully other moms can relate and maybe even be inspired. How do we handle being a busy mother?

The day to day routine is ever changing so I know it’s hard to stick to a plan, but……there are some things you can always do to try to keep you and your kids healthy and active.

  1. Start out with a healthy breakfast – I know sometimes it is so easy to just pour cereal, trust me I do it myself from time to time, but breakfast is an important meal so we should really focus on that being a priority for the kids. My kids really like scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast, or old fashion oats. Sometimes we will all have a Shakeology!!
  2. Try to do something active every day – This can be hard I know because I’m 9 months preg with our 3rd son and have a 4 year old and an 18 month old to take care of. I make sure to put it in somewhere during the day to get the kids outside. If it’s hot I take them to the playground or a play place, or even to a home workout. I have a Tony and the Kids workout they LOVE!!


I know that’s pretty basic to start out with, but those are the two things that I notice help me the most and keep my kids healthy and active on a daily basis. I will be writing much more of course, but it’s a good place to start!

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