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Introducing Ultimate Reset

Are you tired?  Do you feel run down?  Need help with digestion?  Do you just feel lousy?  Good news, Beachbody has made available to the public a gentle cleanse, as the name suggest, resets your body.   It is not a starvation or juice only diet.  The Ultimate Reset is gentle on your system.

I am hearing some really good things from other coaches about this cleanse.  Everyone is reporting finishing the 21 days feeling much better and loosing weight. Watch the video below to see if The Ultimate Reset is for you..

If you would like more information please look over my Beachbody Ultimate Reset page.


Ultimate Reset




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  1. Is the shakeology a meal remaclepent? I have a hard time because I’m hypoglycemic and need something every 3 or 4 hrs. Does it have fiber as well as protein to keep? you feeling full? Do they give samples so you can see if you like it?

    • Thanks for your question. Here is a link to my Shakeology page where you can read over the label and learn all about it. Go to Fill out the form for a free sample from the link on the side of this page. I will be happy to send you a sample. Beachbody now has a vegan version of the chocolate that is outstanding. You can use Shakeology as a meal replacement or a snack. Look forward to talking with you in the future.

  2. Shakeology is amazing! It really was the difference in my transformation.

  3. I have a few customers that have just completed the Reset and have heard TONS of positive feedback! Good job informing everyone !!

  4. Have heard nothing but great things about this program!

  5. I was amazed with my results! I plan to do it again every 6mos.

  6. What are your thoughts on the meal planning and preparation aspects of the ultimate reset? Even if you are not committing an hour a day to work out, is there still a decent amout of time investment?

    • Yes from what I am seeing from other coaches there is some prep time for dinner. You will do some searching for ingredients at the grocery store. I am hearing one person after another talk about how much it has changed their outlook on eating and wellness.

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