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How did I get fat?

How do you get fat? For me it was easy. Weight just seems to find me if I am not active and watch my diet. I had poor eating habits and pretty much ate what I wanted. I craved sweets and just downright had no will power. On top of that I was addicted, and I mean addicted to Diet Coke. I had to have one first thing in the morning and carried one around all day. I was spending way too much for something that wasn’t “diet” at all. I would order the value meal breakfast on the way to work. I would eat until I was full and miserable almost every meal. I loved food!

I have been active on and off most of my life. I played sports as a kid on through to high school. I joined the Army and served in the reserves for 6 years. I had many active hobbies including weightlifting, climbing, cycling and running. I raced mountain bikes for two years. I never was great at it but loved the sport and the friends I made. I have ridden in events like the MS150 on road bikes where we covered 150 miles in two days. I even finished a half marathon. During all of this I never had the diet down. I didn’t have a clue.

I met the love of my life, got married and we now have a wonderful son. Then the weight came for me. We ate out a lot and enjoyed whatever we wanted mostly. The activities I was involved in where all tossed to the side. Over a time frame of about two and a half years I have gained thirty five to forty pounds. The heaviest I have ever been. When I finally realized it I was overwhelmed by where I had ended up. Wow! I was in bad shape.

I will cover the changes I made in my diet soon. Stay tuned.

Does this sound like any of you? What made you slip? How did you get to that bad place in fitness?

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