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Do you try to get a workout in but don’t have time? Do you want to go to the gym, but don’t want to spend the extra money or be in front of people? Well, hold on to your seats because I have a solution for you!

I have talked to many people who struggle to get a workout in because of time, money, equipment, etc, and I wanted to help them out. So, I am running a FREE 30 day virtual bootcamp via Facebook (if you don’t have Facebook we can use email). Once you commit to this group, you will be added to a closed Facebook group. There will be a daily workout, videos, accountability, FREE meal plan and more!  The workouts will only use your body weight so you don’t have to worry about spending money on equipment. We will get your heart rate up so we can burn those calories and use your own body to start sculpting that lean muscle! The best part is…..the workouts will be about 10-15 minutes. THAT’S IT!

To Join:

1. Add me on Facebook – (if you don’t have Facebook email me –

2. Once you’ve friended me, send me a message that says “add to Virtual Bootcamp” (for email make Virtual Bootcamp the subject line)

It’s as easy at those two steps!


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


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