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Diet While Pregnant


How do you diet while pregnant? To be honest there is no special “diet” and you shouldn’t restrict calories whatsoever. The best way to eat while pregnant is to eat healthy. To be honest, as a third time mom in my third trimester, this is easier said than done.

You’re caloric needs during each trimester change because the baby is growing. Many women go to both extremes I’ve noticed….some eat too much, yet some don’t eat enough. I am not a medical doctor, but I am a certified fitness nutritionist and I can tell you that a healthy diet all the way around is the best bet for you and your baby.  When you’re pregnant you need to get the right amount of protein (which is a struggle for many), a good amount of carbs (not good to cut while pregnant), and healthy fats. For more info on caloric needs and what’s best for you here’s a link I used when I was pregnant –

I want those of you who are pregnant or someone around a pregnant person to not get discouraged or mad if you don’t have a “perfect” diet while pregnant. There are so many things that go on during pregnancy like getting sick or feeling nauseous, feeling extremely hungry, etc. These things happen to all of us, including me J

I do want to share things that I like to eat that may help you with some healthy ideas during the pregnancy.


Eggs, egg whites, whole wheat toast, old fashion oats w/ agave nectar, healthy cereal that’s not loaded with sugar, whole made oatmeal pancakes, fruit


Shakeology (I usually use Shakeology about every other day while pregnant or 3 times a week), almonds, fruit, frozen berries, Greek yogurt, granola


Sandwich (if you use cold meat it’s recommended you heat it first to get rid of bacteria), salad (with plenty of veggies and some chick peas for added protein), pita pizza, Jennie-o turkey burger


At dinner I focus on having a lean protein, healthy carb and fat, and a good serving of veggies. Usually my protein is Chicken, Turkey or beans, my carb is usually a sweet potato, brown rice, couscous or quinoa, my fat is usually ½-1 tps olive oil depending on the fat content of the rest of the meal, and my veggie is anything such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, etc.

If you’d like some of the recipes I use or have questions about what I eat feel free to contact me at

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  1. Great post. I’m sure lots of people who are trying to lose weight and get fit hit a stumbling block when pregnant. Your tips would be very helpful.

  2. I’m really learning a lot on your posts Tricia! Keep it coming!

  3. Wish I had your article to read when I was pregnant with my daughters. Great info!

  4. Great information! I’m not pregnant, but I’m still going to follow some of your food suggestions.

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