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Decide To Change

The decision to make a change in your fitness has to be your own.  I know this because it has always been this way for me.  It can be difficult to sit and watch someone you love gain weight to a point where you know they are not happy.  You know their habits and lifestyle are the cause.  You know exactly what they should do to get back on track.  You want to help and encourage them every step of the way.  The problem is, if they are not ready for change and commitment it is not going to happen.  Getting them to that point will not come from harassment or guilt.

My wife, Tricia, was great about not nagging me although we both knew I was eating badly.  I could see the commitment she had made to fitness.  Her exercise made her feel great and gave her a feeling of achievement.  It looked as though she was having a much better time than I was.  She asked me a few times to work out and I just wasn’t interested but over time I started to see the light.  I finally made the decision to commit after I got to the point of disgust with myself.  It was my time.

If you want to truly help, be there when they are ready for that change.

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  1. Like the title! That is where it always starts – with a Decision. It is the culmination of lots of decisions along the way that add up to our full potential. We always have a choice!

  2. What great advice. You can only do so much for someone but they have to be ready first and be their choice.

  3. One of the hardest things, as a motivator, is understanding that you can’t make someone do something. You can only lead by example and work with the willing. I totally agree that it must be their decision. Great post!

  4. Well Said… Can’t make anyone do this… You have to have it inside yourself to want to change!!…Once you make that choice..look out because No one will be able to stop you!…

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