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Day 60 of P90X

I have made it to the end of month two. Tricia and I have been pretty serious about workouts and only missed a few days in the sixty so far. The workouts we haven’t missed because we just picked up where we left off. I am proud that we have stuck with it and I am seeing results. I am not the lean ripped beast of a man I want to be but I am in much better shape and feeling great. I am down a pants size and more comfortable about my appearance. When you let yourself go it may take a while to excel to a level of fitness you are happy with. I am not satisfied where I am but damn proud of the success so far. “Rome was not built in a day.”

At this point in the workouts I am finding myself able to do most everything. A few workouts still give me problems. Now keep in mind we are not able to do pull ups here at our house so we have been using resistance bands. I am not able to do the complete one hundred percent of Ab Ripper X but getting closer every week. The good thing about P90X is that Tony encourages you to modify any workout you are unable to do at first. I did just that with Ab Ripper X. I was unable to do more than a few of the cross over sit ups without hooking my feet under something. Now I am doing them all just like Tony and the kids. The small achievements like this keep me coming back for more. We have tossed around the idea of changing up the routine and moving to doubles. Which would include an additional Cardio X routine on four days a week over the next month. I will let you know how it goes.

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