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Day 1, well almost

This story may sound familiar. I turned the big 40 this year and started to experience a few things that caused me some worry. I for one felt like crap and had little energy to do the simple things, like play with my son. I noticed that my “fat pants” where starting to get snug and uncomfortable. I was not going a size larger, no way in hell. I had a few close friends make comments to me about my weight that I was not happy to hear. No one wants to hear that stuff. My cycling days seemed to grow farther away. I was feeling the pressure to make a change. I guess the one thing that pushed me over the edge was pictures of me with my shirt off. That was it! I was done with being out of shape and falling in line with so many obese people in this country.

So what did I do…?

My wife and I are currently doing the workout program P90X. I have completely changed my diet. It wasn’t easy to start with and it made me realize how bad I had let myself go. We have stuck to the workout schedule for almost 60 days now and have only missed a few days of actual workouts. If we missed a day we would just pick back up where we left off. I have done what I could on every DVD and with Tony’s motivation I keep coming back for more. “Pushing Play” This far into the program I am feeling great and have lost 20 lbs. My “fat pants” are too big for me now. I am loving life!

I have enjoyed my journey so much with P90X I have decided to join in with my wife and become a coach with Beachbody. It’s a great opportunity to motivate myself and others about fitness. It will take some time to transform into the person I want to be, but I will share my journey with you here. I hope to motivate others to draw the line and get in shape. When is it enough to make a change?

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