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Can You Lose a Lot of Weight with P90X?

I have been asked by several people, ”Can you lose a lot of weight with P90X?”.  The simple answer is heck yea!  You absolutely can.  You can lose 20, 30 even 50 pounds or more with P90X.  Here’s the catch.  You have to make the effort to follow the plan laid out in front of you.  If you work out with P90X one maybe two days a week and eat fast food every meal you will not lose weight.  If you are an elite athlete that has a very low body fat percentage you might not see weight loss either but I bet you will see some advantages from the program.

You should talk with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to start any fitness program before hand.  Once you have done that its time to ”Bring it!”  In order for P90X to be effective you should follow the program as closely as you can.  It is a six day a week program that includes workouts like resistance training, plyometrics, yoga and kenpo to name a few.  It will increase your strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  There are three different phases that will keep your muscles from adapting and produce great results.  You can see the three phases along with the optional schedules in my post here.

Another important factor to your success with P90X is following the meal plan.  It lays out in detail how to figure you daily caloric needs to acheive whatever goal you may have.  There are three different phases to the meal plan as well. For example, if your goal is to lose a lot of weight, you will start out on the lower carbohydrate phase called the “Fat Shredder”.  There is a large selection of healthy meal options to choose from to help you be successful.  The meal plan will also outline things you should stay away from simalar to my post Diet Basics to Lose a Lot of Weight. If you are looking for a method of tracking your calories, I have suggested a tool in my post Eat to Lose a Lot of Weight.

Can you lose a lot of weight with P90X?  I did and I am not alone. There are countless numbers of everyday people that have lost huge amounts of weight with P90X.  P90X is responsible for my weight lose of over 50 lbs.  It is the program I started with and for some strange reason keep coming back to.  I just love the program.  It’s not exactly easy and if you are terrible out of shape like I was you might struggle at first.  I remember the first time I did plyometrics it was brutal.  Tony makes a comment at the beginning of that workout telling you to have a bucket nearby.  I was really close to needing a bucket my first few times.  My suggestion is to modify wherever you have to,  give it your all, don’t give up and I promise it gets easier.  Well I don’t know about easier because it seems that the more fit you get the harder you push yourself.  I remember being so proud the first time I was able to complete all of plyometrics without missing a rep.  That’s what I like most about P90X.  It is challenging and offers plenty of opportunities for improvement.

The amount of weight lost during one round of P90X varies from person to person.  I lost 27 pounds my first round and was very proud of that.  I know of others that have lost more than myself and one person in particular that lost 44 pounds his first time through. I am sure their are others that have lost even more.  It may take several rounds of P90X to get the goal weight you may have set for yourself.  You may end up like me.  I lost the 50 pounds I wanted to lose and realized I could stand to lose a little more so here I am.   I keep coming back for more and with Tony’s help I was able to lose a lot of weight with P90X.  Good luck and feel free to contact me using our About Us page if you have any questions.


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  1. P90X is the real deal! Not only did I lose weight, but this program completely transformed my flabby body into a sculpted, muscular form that I once would have never ever thought possible. The stories and the results are true. It simply comes down to you. Are you ready to commit to getting fit?

  2. Interesting article. Suggestions for folks well over 50 who need to lose some weight and have various chronic health issues? bet there are lots of folks in that demographic. :-) best, Peggy

  3. This is the only way you can lose weight. I know of others who have had much success with it as well. I am going to get my mind up to this and give it a try :)

  4. Since this was the first workout program I ever used from Beachbody, and I was only just beginning to get a grasp on what it means to be healthy, I was simply doing the workouts and began to see some results quicker, thanks to the free goal tracker they offer! I didn’t even follow the nutrition plan until near the end and still lost 26 lbs. over the 90 days. My upper body had always been weak, so when I started, I could only do 6 pushups from my toes. I recall one workout near then end where I totaled well over 100 pushups throughout the course of the dvd. GREAT program!!!

  5. P90X is probably the most effective weight loss/exercise program that is on the market today! The great thing about it is you can lose weight if that is your goal, but you can also gain weight if that is what you want. The flexibility of P90X is what makes it so great!

  6. Great advice, Blake! Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.

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