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Busy Mother = Exhaustion

Yesterday and today were TIRING! I know you other mom’s know what I’m talking about when I say you just have those days…..the kids are fighting, they are grumping, toys are all over, etc. Yesterday was a trying day to say the least.  Now that my second son is getting a bit older, they play more but that also means they fight more too!! Even though it can be stressful, being a Busy Mother is the more rewarding job of all!

My problem now is I don’t think I’m handling it as well because I’m not sleeping well now that I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and I am so exhausted again. So, I have to think on my feet…..what do I do when it’s hard to take the kids to the park when I can’t hardly tote and chase them around? We made our own inside play games!! We have a bucket to play basketball, we have lego crashing contests, we to Tony and The Kids video, make homemade edible play dough, build forts……those are just some of the things we do.

One thing I do know, is Beachbody workouts and Shakelogy really helps me! The workout helps me have a little time to myself while the little guy is napping, and I feel like I’m accomplishing something. Also it’s motivating for me to help others when I’m practicing what I preach.

Being a Busy Mother isn’t always the most fun job in the world, but it’s the most important, so if you’re struggling….hang in there and reach out if you need anything!!

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  1. these days are busy! I never thought id miss those days but i do! guess thats why we eventually get grandchildren :-) I am ready to be busy exhausted again or at least i think so!!!

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