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Bowflex Selecttech 552 vs. Powerblock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells

I have been debating on which dumbbells to purchase. It was between two of the space saver dumbbell sets on the market, Bowflex Selecttech 552 or the Powerblock Sport 5.0 dumbbells. I have had the chance to look over both and I have to say I loved the overall look of the Selecttechs. On appearance they have the Powerblocks beat but we all know when it comes to working out you need proper function. The Selecttechs ranged from 5 to 52.5 lbs and the weight is changed buy a turn of a knob. The Powerblocks range from 5 to 50 and the weight is selected by a metal insert. On ease of weight selection I would say the Selectechs would win again but we are not done yet. When it came down to function, actually working out with them there was an issue with the Selecttechs I couldn’t overcome. They are long even when you have minimum weight selected so they got in the way on some exercises where you needed clearance. The Selecttechs also cost more at a retail price of $399 where the Powerblocks sell for $299. I purchased the Powerblock Sport 5.0 dumbbells. I love the fact that these replace 20 standard dumbbells and I can hide them the closet when I am done working out. I have all the weight I need to finish out this cycle of P90X.

The websites of both manufactures…
Here they are:

Powerblock Sport
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